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Life-long Stony Pointer
Iraq/Afghanistan veteran

Experienced lawyer

With the vision to Protect the Town and its  future.


Vote for Lawyer and Lt. Colonel (retired)
Mike Diederich
for Stony Point Town Supervisor



Mike grew up in Stony Point and is a life-long resident.


An Army veteran and experienced lawyer, Mike will lead

Stony Point in a manner that will protect its citizenry             

and its future.                                            Mike's WRCR audio (10 min):


Poor land use planning could turn Stony Point into another
New Square or Kiryas Joel, and our school district
another East Ramapo CSD.

        .                              Mike's election-eve Video:  



Whether Camp Bullowa or the Town's Letchworth land and

Patriot Hills Golf Club, we need a vision for the future as to

land use, not short-sightedness and bad deals.


As to Patriot Hills/Proposition 7, Mike offers a
"win-win" solution.  Watch Mike's video and then 
Vote NO--                            

so we can "revisit, renegotiate and protect our future."


As to "Saving Camp Bullowa," Mike's solution is simple: 

"rezone the land Forest Recreation Only--

no residential use.                        


We need transparency and proper management by the

Town Board, not quick fixes that may lead to long-term


Mike wants to update our Master Plan, and to use

21st Century/post-Covid thinking with a

"2040 vision," so that both our seniors and our youth will

want to "stay, not go."                                  

Mike has the courage and the vision to protect the Town, and

lead the way toward a prosperous future for the Town and our residents.


Mike will be on a major party line, and also on the independent "Serve Rockland" line, because he is running to protect ALL the residents of Stony Point, and the Town's future.




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