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Mike is a retired Army officer and practicing lawyer. He moved to Stony Point at age four, attended North Rockland's schools, earned a B.S. degree in environmental science, a law degree, a masters of law degree and became a successful attorney committed to his both his private clients and the public interest.  Mike believes that good government requires a tireless advocate for the rights of individuals and their civil rights, and that corporations must be held to a high ethical standard and be accountable to human society and the environment.

   Inspired by his father, who flew thirty-five combat missions in a B-24 bomber over Nazi Germany during World War II, Mike served 29 years in the United States Army Reserves as an Army Judge Advocate General Officer (“JAG Attorney), with tours of active duty in Germany (three years) during the Cold War, in Iraq (2004–05) and in Afghanistan (2012), where he was awarded a Bronze Star medal for his service.  In Afghanistan, Mike also served as a Foreign Claims Commissioner, where he adjudicated Afghan claims.  Mike retired from the military in 2013 in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

   Mike was admitted to the practice of law in New York in 1981, and since then has represented individuals and small businesses as a litigator at the trial and appellate levels.  His advocacy has influenced the US Supreme Court in several cases, including the U.S. Supreme Court adopting his "amicus" arguments in a case involving whether an interested business entity could permissibly intervene in the federal case.  See, Laroe v. Town of Chester.  Mike has also influenced the Supreme Court in environmental and constitutional law (the Carbone and United Haulers cases) and has authored articles published nationally on the subject. Mike has argued several cases before the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals, representing individuals in civil rights cases, and his advocacy established a national pro-individual property owner precedent in Sherman v. Town of Chester.  Mike won a $650,000 verdict for a client that was the highest civil rights verdict in the Northeastern United States in 2020.

   Mike has always been an independently-minded person who tends to the liberal side on social issues and tends to the conservative side of fiscal, small business and size of government issues.  He believes that the vast majority of Rockland's inhabitants will agree with him on the vast majority of issues facing the county and the issues relevant to the job of DA.  Mike was previously a major party candidate for district attorney of Rockland County and in 2018 was on the statewide primary election ballot for NYS Attorney General. 

   Mike knows how politics works, and how the political establishment can stifle the interests of the people. The only funds Mike has used so far in his pursuit of this office are his own and those of individual contributors.  He seeks volunteers for his campaign.  And he is seeking financial contributions from individuals, employees’ and public interest organizations, not big corporations or any radical groups or hate groups, left or right. 

   Mike will advocate to protect the people of Stony Point against powerful anti-democratic interests –including powerful special interest groups or political interests.  If elected, Mike will fight to safeguard the Town's future, and fight to protect the taxpayers and our quality of life.  

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