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The denial of children's educational rights in our backyard

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The disregard for children’s basic human right to an adequate education is why I ran for N.Y.S. Attorney General in 2018 and District Attorney in 2019. It’s why I filed a (still pending) 105 page lawsuit demanding that N.Y.S. officials take action to protect these children. And it’s why, along with public corruption and related Ramapo problems, I decided to run for District Attorney . I have spoken with Naftuli Moster at length regarding the difficulty in finding an ultra-Orthodox parent willing to join my civil rights lawsuit for the children. I have spoken to others. The U.S.-born citizens residing in places like New Square, Kaser and Kiryas Joel (now Palm Tree) live in such a closed and insular society that they fear that, if they challenge the Rebbes and their fundamentalist religious system in any way, that their life will be destroyed. They will be shunned and ostracized. They may be forced out of the only community they know, with the risk of losing their connection with all family and friends. And left with no means of support. In other words, speaking out risks personal catastrophe. Tragically, county and State political leaders are too addicted to the Bloc vote to do anything to help these children—children who are U.S.-born American citizens yet oblivious to what it means to be an American and whose futures are irreparably harmed by a childhood deprived of secular learning. Our government Is failing to secure for these children their “unalienable right of liberty” –a core value in our Nation’s founding. For liberty, a person needs education. We must do something about this. To protect children and their American liberty. To protect our Nation’s principles and constitutional values.

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