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Why Vote For Mike?

Mike Diederich
will Protect the Town and its Future 


This election is not about national Democratic or Republican politics.  It is about our beloved Stony Point and its future.  Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, Jews and Gentiles can disagree on many things.  But as to our Town, we should agree on much.

As concerns the Town of Stony Point, all should agree that:

  • Sound land use regulation is important for a community

  • Children should play and learn together in public or private schools, where they should receive a sound secular education and not be segregated from other children on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion.

  • Elected leaders should represent the interests of all the Town's citizens  Officials should ensure sound fiscal management.

  • There should be transparency in town government.  The citizenry should be able to see what their government officials are doing.  Citizens should be encouraged, not restricted, in expressing their views to the Town Board.

Powerful interests in New York State pose a threat to the Town and region.  First, powerful political interests in the State are NOT safeguarding the long-term interests of Rockland County, including Stony Point.  At the state and national level, major political parties seek the favor of their powerful supporters.  

One powerful group is the ultraorthodox.  Politicians--Democratic and Republican alike--seek the favor of the Hasidic community's leadership.  The politicians receive the "Bloc vote," and the Hasidic community receives special favor, such the ability to ignore the NYS Education Law regarding the education of their children.  Hasidic children do not receive, it appears, a sound education grounded in subjects such as history, literature, science and civics. 

Mike Diederich is a civil rights attorney.  As a US Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan (and was awarded the Bronze Star medal), he recognizes how religious extremism can tear at the fabric of civil society. 

Stony Point will be vulnerable to exploitation by developers who desire land for high density housing if the Town is not careful.  An updated Master Plan and updated zoning will be prudent.  Two large parcels must be of special concern:

  • Patriot Hills/Letchworth.   Unless the townspeople vote "NO SALE" on the permissive referendum, the sale of this land will almost inevitably lead to high density housing, even if not tomorrow.  It's basic economics--the law of supply and demand.    See "Issue 1" below.

  • Camp Bullowa.  The Town should promptly develop a sound plan, via an updated Master Plan.  Mike's suspects that the best approach for the Town is to zone the Camp Bullowa land as "forest land for camping/recreation", as the land's  donor likely intended.  No permanent housing should be permitted.   See "Issue 2" below.

  • The Hudson River waterfront.  An updated Master Plan should consider both the best use for land located along the Hudson River, and potentially "inter-connecting" such land with Patriot Hills and Bullowa, as well as the tremendous recreational resources in Harriman Park and Bear Mountain.  Much has changed in the post-COVID world, including in our region.  See "Issue 3" below.

Elect Mike--he'll keep you informed about what's going on in Town Hall, to make sure government is working for you.  See, "Issues 4-6" below. 

With his background and experience, Mike has the vision to lead Stony Point toward a better future, rather than toward land use catastrophe.    

Please vote for Mike Diederich on either the Serve Rockland or Democratic line on Election Day.

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